I am so happy that the press picked up my book just in time for the holiday sale!

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PRLog – Global Press Release Distribution Food Network Regular Sean “Bennett” Launches His New Book Dec. 15, 2015 – PRLog — Sean Bennett’s new book is the perfect answer to a New Year’s resolution for prosperity and economic freedom. Luxury Steals & Deals! is arriving at a time of economic uncertainty. The middle class appears to be declining and the American public seems resentful of the one percent. In our current economic times, people need the answers to live well without the fear of debt or sacrifice. Sean Bennett is an advocate for following your dreams and obtaining your goals on any budget. When Suzie Orman shouts denied, Sean Bennett enters to find the fun way to get his readers goals approved. In today’s economy, people want to live well on a budget. Who wants to sacrifice? Luxury Steals & Deals! is the ultimate handbook to help anyone have it all! As someone who has overcome poverty, Bennett can teach anyone how to go from dreaming big to living large. Luxury Steals & Deals! will teach readers to take a step beyond wishful thinking and provides the reader with nine proven steps to change their lives. Luxury Steals & Deals! is not a guide to becoming famous, but it is an all out action plan on finding great deals that will make readers feel and live rich. Other books have taught survival, but none have taught prosperity on a budget. This book helps to revolutionize the self- improvement market. Every chapter has a life-changing tip that can be applied immediately. With an informal and humorous approach, readers get a task driven guidebook with clear and concise steps on how to get out there and make it happen for them. Sean Bennett’s steps are universal; they apply to people of all ages and nationalities. Readers will not only identify their dreams, but will turn those dreams into realities by using the provided necessary tools to find housing, hotel, shopping, insurance, airfare deals, and daily perks. Readers will learn: how to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous even with an annual income as low as $25,000 per year. Sean Bennett grew up in a trailer park in central Florida and now has Harrison Ford as a neighbor. His book is based on life experience. You may also recognize Sean Bennett from his work in films, commercials and various episodics. Bennett has starred on: “Ready, Set, Cook, Restaurant Stakeout and Season 3 of “Worst Cooks In America” on Food Network. We would deeply appreciate and welcome your reviews; as well as, any opportunities for Sean Bennett to be interviewed or address groups, including book clubs. For more information please visit www.luxurystealsdeals.com and www.seanpbennett.com